Grayscale Records releases new Nice Monster EP

Chicago’s Grayscale Records has released a new, self-titled, 7-song EP from Nice Monster. This collection of songs has all the cascading melodies and challenging rhythms of the band’s first full-length record (“Good Times + Sharp Knives”) but is more aggressive — the intricately picked acoustic guitars are paired with harmonized electric guitar feedback and thundering drums.

Nice Monster’s second release with Grayscale Records is a self-titled EP with seven absolutely brilliant songs in their signature style. The record is full of quickly picked and lovely strummed guitars bouncing and being anchored with wonderful sung lyrics. Unexpected, yet perfect chord changes, hits and cymbal crashes pepper each track with perfection.


For free previews of the EP and to purchase:


~ by jmatthewgerken on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “Grayscale Records releases new Nice Monster EP”

  1. Hey Matt, it’s been a long time (like from Garden of Rabbits long). At any rate, I heard you on NPR and wanted to say “Congratulations!” Was great to hear you!

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