Live Music. Saturday, June 8th – NICE MONSTER and THE SECRET LIVES OF SQUIRRELS (CD Release)

The Secret Lives of Squirrels’ CD release features a rare Sacramento live performance for the melodic math rock band, NICE MONSTER. THE SECRET LIVES OF SQUIRRELS provides the big backbeats, intoxicating riffs, and fist-pumping guitar you require on a Saturday night. Also playing is Sea of Sound, a band inspired by Radiohead, Keane, and The Killers.Nice Monster

For more information and live tracks…




What is the media saying about Nice Monster…?

EUGENE WEEKLY (OR): “Nice Monster and their dense and noisy take on folk is more like a tree falling down than an iceberg idling by.”……………….

SACRAMENTO BEE (CA): “a hybrid of folk and indie rock with exquisite harmonies and cool instrumentation.”………………….

SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW (CA): “reinventing local acoustic music while simultaneously staying close to its roots: a subtle melding of Rob Crow’s Pinback, Thingy and Heavy Vegetable with the quiet, shifting harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme’ and a dash of acoustic math rock (think June of ’44 or the changing time signatures of Yes or Emerson Lake & Palmer).”…………………..

SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW (CA): “Nice Monster, work[s] the crease between Jimmy Webb and Pat Metheny. Its…material deliver[s] a Great Plains impressionism with the instrumental luminosity you hear in the better jam bands.”………………………


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