What do music writers have to say about Nice Monster?

EUGENE WEEKLY (OR): “Nice Monster and their dense and noisy take on folk is more like a tree falling down than an iceberg idling by.”……………….

DAVIS AGGIE (CA): “The five-piece band’s first full-length release is riddled with harmonized vocals reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel and poetic lyrics with just enough carefully chosen ambiguity to make its listeners want more.”……………….

SACRAMENTO BEE (CA): “a hybrid of folk and indie rock with exquisite harmonies and cool instrumentation.”………………….

SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW (CA): “reinventing local acoustic music while simultaneously staying close to its roots: a subtle melding of Rob Crow’s Pinback, Thingy and Heavy Vegetable with the quiet, shifting harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme’ and a dash of acoustic math rock (think June of ’44 or the changing time signatures of Yes or Emerson Lake & Palmer).”…………………..

SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW (CA): “Nice Monster, work[s] the crease between Jimmy Webb and Pat Metheny. Its…material deliver[s] a Great Plains impressionism with the instrumental luminosity you hear in the better jam bands.”………………………

ALIVE N KICKING (CA): “so imaginative and beautiful, you can’t believe you haven’t found it before….The exquisite music this band is capable of making is soft and light, using feather soft acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies similar Simon and Garfunkel’s body of work, but at the same time utilizing interesting and unconventional song structures and time signatures prevalent in math rock and progressive bands, such as Pinback, June of 44, and Sacramento’s Mister Metaphor. This already marvelous sound is only made better by a certain lushness in the swell of the sound that tends to remind one of the Moody Blues, and a hint of post-gunge and country in the vocals that allows the double and sometimes triple vocal harmonies…the individual instrumentations are wondetful as well. Lead guitarist Jason Roberts paints layered and accented guitar over the veritible Sistine chapel created by Matthew’s intriate rhythm guitar and [the] mellow, beautiful bass rhythms that manage to add immeasurably to the music without dominating it…”

See www.nicemonstermusic for free music and previews of Nice Monster’s debut full-length CD, “Good Times + Sharp Knives” released by Chicago’s Grayscale Records. See www.myspace.com/nicemonster for more info.

The Band

The Band

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