Music (EP, Full Length, Live Tracks)

Live Music:

Marilyn’s. Downtown Sacramento. Friday, June 27, 2008. \”Lull\” \”One Less Than Supermodel\” 29. Warren Harding “An Army of Pompous Phrases” Don\’t Tell Ghost Stories to Me\”Down\” \”Big Drummers\”

Placerville, CA. Friday, September 12, 2008. \”There\” (from EP to be released, Fall 2008)   \”An Army of Pompous Phrases: Warren G Harding\” (From Of Great and Mortal Men — Now available in stores,, iTunes, etc. nationwide)  \”There is No Plan: John Kennedy\” (from Of Great and Mortal Men: 43 Songs About 43 Presidencies, available in stores now)

Photo by Scott Duncan.

Photo by Scott Duncan.

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