All ages early show! Harlow’s! Saturday, May 31st with Ancient Astronaut

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Harlows_may31_2014Ancient Astronaut, Nice Monster, and Page by Page.
Sat, May 31, 2014.
Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 6:00 pm
Harlow’s Restaurant and Nightclub
2708 “J” Street
Sacramento, CA, 95816

Ancient Astronaut: progressive/experimental and pop rock, and includes instrumental interludes of ambient and post rock sounds:

Nice Monster: Melodic Math Rock.


Christopher Walken & Nice Monster

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Christopher Walken & Nice Monster

He wants more cowbell for God’s sake! (Courtesy of Willie the Great).

Nice Monster at Luigi’s with Be Brave Bold Robot and Autumn Electric.

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Nice Monster at Luigi's.

Nice Monster at Luigi’s.

Great show on Friday, February 21st at Luigi’s Fungarden in midtown Sacramento. Great turnout of fun-loving follks that stuck around all night. Nice Monster had the middle slot, with a tight offering of 8 songs. First up was Autumn Electric. They had epic and ornately arranged songs, very nice melodies and harmonies, and excellent musicianship. Very entertaining and according to Jerry Perry, who put this bill together, they’ll be back in Sacramento. Last was Sammie Hall of Famers Be Brave Bold Robot with new guitarist Dave Middleton, along with the usual band of bandaleros.

A couple of live tracks for your consideration.

First, from Nice Monster’s set, “What Would Huell Howser Do?”

Second, from Be Brave Bold Robot’s set, “A Letter to Violet Edison”

Photo by Joe Manahan

Photo by Joe Manahan

Live Music. Saturday, June 8th – NICE MONSTER and THE SECRET LIVES OF SQUIRRELS (CD Release)

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The Secret Lives of Squirrels’ CD release features a rare Sacramento live performance for the melodic math rock band, NICE MONSTER. THE SECRET LIVES OF SQUIRRELS provides the big backbeats, intoxicating riffs, and fist-pumping guitar you require on a Saturday night. Also playing is Sea of Sound, a band inspired by Radiohead, Keane, and The Killers.Nice Monster

For more information and live tracks…




What is the media saying about Nice Monster…?

EUGENE WEEKLY (OR): “Nice Monster and their dense and noisy take on folk is more like a tree falling down than an iceberg idling by.”……………….

SACRAMENTO BEE (CA): “a hybrid of folk and indie rock with exquisite harmonies and cool instrumentation.”………………….

SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW (CA): “reinventing local acoustic music while simultaneously staying close to its roots: a subtle melding of Rob Crow’s Pinback, Thingy and Heavy Vegetable with the quiet, shifting harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme’ and a dash of acoustic math rock (think June of ’44 or the changing time signatures of Yes or Emerson Lake & Palmer).”…………………..

SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW (CA): “Nice Monster, work[s] the crease between Jimmy Webb and Pat Metheny. Its…material deliver[s] a Great Plains impressionism with the instrumental luminosity you hear in the better jam bands.”………………………

Live Tracks: Bows and Arrows: Big Drummers

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Live mp3 from the show for the song, “Big Drummers” can be found here:

Nice Monster, Live at Bows & Arrows, Saturday, Sept 29th, 2012.

Live Tracks from Bows & Arrows – What Would Huell Howser Do? The Calvinist Approach…

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What Would Huell Howser Do?

The Calvinist Approach…

Live at Bows & Arrows – Saturday, September 29th, 2012

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Thanks to everyone for a great night at Bows and Arrows! Devin and Carly were Great!! Everybody working at Bows was so nice, and all the folks that were able come out were just lovely! I’m trying to post some songs, but having errors with WordPress… coming later…